Our favourite resources

Like most facilitators we know benefit from and contribute to a constant flow of ideas, experience and resources. We’re building up a wiki resource of some of our favourites … organised according to a ‘typical’ workshop phases.

fa wiki front page

Many of those are captured in some key sources listed below. Participants on Facilitation Anywhere training workshops get access to the wiki. But we’re happy to share with other people on one condition – that you commit to add at least one resource to the collection!

  • KS Toolkit: the KS = Knowledge Sharing so this wonderful, living collection of materials and links has a KS focus. But facilitation is central to the participative methods at the centre of KS, so it’s a rich resource of ideas, methods and tools for facilitators
  • Grove: one of the originals, with special focus on graphical design and facilitation. Also exploring how to adapt methods to web meetings
  • Getting on Brilliantly: put together by Annette Zera and Susan Murray, this is a fabulously rich collection of methods, approaches, tips and tricks. To be transparent, Pete used to work for Annette in his Adult & Further Education days and the authors origins in adult education show in how well structured and helpful it is, with templates, ‘lesson plans’, menus for different situations and more. There is a free PDF download as well as a book available from Amazon.
  • Liberating Structures: superbly organised, new(ish) online resource, with a systematic approach to designing and facilitating meetings and events. It is a mix of fresh ideas and old favourites